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Chiswic​k Chinese Medicine Clinic

    Acupuncture. Chinese Medicine. Massage

Price     List

Consultation                                                      Free (Now)

Acupuncture                                             £50 per session

Acupuncture  + Massage (15mins)          £65 per session

Fertility Acupuncture (1 hour )                £65 per session

Facial Acupuncture (45mins)                  £50 per session

Auricular /Ear Acupuncture                    £35 per session

Massage (Tui Na) (30mins)                    £35 per session

Massage (Tui Na) (60mins)                   £55 per session

Hot cupping (15mins)                            £20 per session

Special Heating                                     £15 per session

Herbal Extract Powder                          £7 per day

Herb Products will be vary

Reflexology (45mins)                          £50 per session

Moxibustion (20mins)                         £25 per session

Ear Candle (inc candle)                       £20 per session

Allergy Test                                        from £55

By booking a course of treatments according to your situation you will benefit from a package discount.

Fertility & IVF Support Acupuncture Treatment, Weekend/Evening booking availible,

Fully insured member of The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, covered most health insurance plan.

We accept payment by cash, cheque or debit/credit card